Whispering Creek Board

  Name Year
Term Expires
Director Ken Bentson 2024 12-28
Board Member Larry Milow 2021 12-25
Board Member Bob Westphal 2022 12-26
Board Member Mike Santo  2023 12-27
Council Representative:  Sarah Johnson

The Board generally meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 4:00 pm in the Public Meeting Room at Whispering Creek.


According to City Code, the Whispering Creek Board is responsible for coordinating the management, financial, and operating activities of the nursing home.  Certain decisions, as outlined in the City Code, must be made by the Mayor and City Council.  Board members serve a five-year term.

The Board has one City Council representative who serves as a voting member.  This representative also reports all Board decisions to the Mayor and City Council.


Pete Madel III-- (507) 231-5113