The Janesville Fire Department is a volunteer department with 26 members.  The department responds to all city and rural fires, medicals, and rescues.  The rural areas are covered under township contracts the City has with each of the townships.

The Fire Department responds to a variety of calls at all times of the day.  Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for the department.

The department has monthly meetings and trains on a regular basis.  Members are also responsible for obtaining First Responder certificates (and refresher courses) and Firefighter I certificates.  These training opportunities are paid for by the department.

The Fire Department has several fund raisers throughout the year to help fund for some of their emergency equipment and tools.  These include the annual golf tournament, the annual dance in February, onion-ring stand at the fire station during Hay Daze, and other activities throughout the year.  The Fire Fighters thank you for your support!!

To contact the Fire Hall, email to