Janesville Cemetery

The Janesville Cemetery Association transferred ownership to the City of Janesville by Resolution 1988-10 on September 12, 1988.  This transfer states the City of Janesville is to continue to operate, maintain, manage, conduct and control the cemetery, to sell lots therefrom, and to administer the funds thereof for the same purposes and upon the same trusts for which they were originally established. 

The City of Janesville is currently inputting all cemetery records into an electronic format.  These records include a burial register, information on each person buried or interred in the cemetery and a cemetery map.  For municipal cemeteries, the burial record is government data and is classified as public data under the Minnesota Data Practices Act.  This means the burial record must be accessible to the public for inspection upon request.

Lots are available to purchase at the Janesville Cemetery.  When you purchase a lot, you are not purchasing the title to the land.  You are purchasing an easement, privilege or license.  A cemetery lot agreement is a license that restricts use of the lot of burial.